Vinyl Records or Cassette Tapes Converted To CDs

You've got old albums or 45s you haven't heard in years, or at least since the turntable gave it up for the CD player.  Many are out of print and irreplaceable.  That's when it's time to send them here. 
 The same goes for cassette tapes.  They're old, getting brittle and deteriorating in quality. Maybe you've got some old live recordings of your band or just friends and family talking and having fun at holidays  Get 'em on CD before it's too late. 

It's Simple, Here Are The Facts

Is it legal?

Yes, it is. The Fair Use Law allows you make a digital backup of an analog recording that you already own for your own use. The only thing not legal is if you make and distribute copies of copyrighted material. So yes it’s legal to make a copy of Meet The Beatles for yourself but it’s not legal to make copies of it to sell or distribute.

What do you get?

For vinyl records you get a gentle cleaning, slight noise reduction for pops and clicks, silence inserted in spaces between songs. Track splitting. We normalize when finished to get the maximum volume. We use Taiyo Yuden discs exclusivly. Jewel cases with the best representation of the album artwork we can find. Info printed on disc. For cassettes we fast forward and rewind the tapes before playing them to release any layers of tape that might be stuck together. We normalize for volume and package the same as for vinyl.

Do you improve the sound quality of old records?

Yes, to some degree. We give them a gentle cleaning before we start and that will take care of some of the pops and crackles caused by dirt in the grooves. But any surface noise that was caused by years of play and wear can’t be reversed. So we clean, we use a slight noise reduction filter and pop and click filters, and we silence all blank spaces between tracks. Most noise reduction software will get rid of the noise, but if overused it leaves digital artifacts in the music.  When the choice is between the old pops and clicks or digital alteration to the sound I chose the pops and clicks. The end result will be the best quality possible depending on the quality of the original disc.

Can records be combined onto one CD?

If we’re doing 45s for you, yes. They are put together on as many CDs as it takes. Albums are not combined, it’s one album per CD. If an album runs over 74 minutes in length or is a double set album it will take two CDs.

Are the CDs broken up into tracks?

Yes. For music albums from vinyl or cassette we use audio software and mark each track. If we’re copying a spoken word or lecture tape then it will be just one long track, no breaks.

Are these regular CDs?

Yes they are regular music audio CDs. They play everywhere, in cars, computers, stereos, etc. The track points are placed between the songs.

Price List

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